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Stephen's desire to have a reputation as a quality horseman began when he moved to Montana and started working on horse and cattle ranches. That introduction to the tradition and lifestyle of a horseman instantly had him hooked. Knowledgeable, experienced, and reputable buckaroo-style mentors took him in and he hasn't stopped since.

Learning by working as a ranch hand and starting colts across Central and Western Montana is how Stephen learned how important it is to build a positive and willing relationship with your horse. Since his start, Stephen has trained with and under distinguished horsemen of multiple disciplines, from FEI level show-jumpers, to NRHA world champion reiners. Combining the methods and knowledge he's gathered over the years, Stephen takes an approach of leadership and respect to his horses. He knows a horse looks to the rider for guidance both mentally and physically, but also realizes the importance of keeping their mind alive. If done properly, your confident leadership will reflect onto them, and you respecting their mind by giving when they give will keep them willing. The key components in the Lazy S Horsemanship program are: Feel, consistency, and positivity in the mind.

Colt Starting 2017
Colt Starting 2017
3 Year Old Mare in Training
3 Year Old Mare in Training
2 Year Old Filly Getting Started
2 Year Old Filly Getting Started
3 Year Old Gelding in Training
3 Year Old Gelding in Training


Horse Training, Lessons, Clinics, and Sales

Using proven methods and traditions, I will help you and your horse become a winning partnership.

Colt Starting

The best start for your horse

Everything in my program is from the ground up. Proper training starts on the ground and transitions up to the saddle. For that reason, there are no smoke and mirrors, everything we do has a purpose. It is a firm belief here that the owner must be involved in the process. You can be assured to receive updates along the way, and will have a weekly lesson (at no charge) so both you and your horse's confidence will grow together.  

Advanced Training

Comfortable and Professional

We train horses across the spectrum, from prospective show horses, to open show horses, to non-show horses for pleasure

Riding Lessons and Clinics

Accommodating Your Lifestyle

Private 1 on 1 lessons, or group lessons available. 


Girl and Horse

Waypoint Ranch

Serving Veterans through Equine

One of the projects near and dear to Stephen's heart is the work he does with our Military Veterans in a collaboration with Waypoint Ranch.  This program provides training and support to Veterans utilizing Equine Therapy to assist them with PTS symptoms and is a great bridge in returning to civilian life.

Awards and Recognition

Proof is in the Books

  • 2017 Colt Starting Challenge USA                 Hawkinsville, GA -- 1st Place

  • 2017 Colt Starting Challenge USA               Okeechobee, FL -- 1st Place

  • 2017 Hoosier Horse Fair Colt Starting Competition  Indianapolis, IN -- 1st Place

  • 2017 Western Heritage Expo Colt Starting Competition  Abilene, TX -- 2nd Place

  • 2017 Colt Starting Challenge USA                            Ralph, AL -- 3rd Place

  • 2017 Colt Starting Challenge USA National Finals    National Finals Rodeo, Las Vegas, NV

  • 2018 Southern Equine Expo Colt Starting                          Murfreesboro, TN -- 3rd Place

  • 2018 Alabama Horse Council Colt Starting Challenge Cullman, AL-- Crowd Favorite

  • 2019 NRHA North American Affiliate Championships Rookie Pro Top 5

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Now accepting clinic bookings across the country!

Stephen travels the country giving clinics to riders of all experience levels.  He tailors his teaching to the needs of his riders and horses, creating an immersive experience for participants and audience alike.  At most of his clinics there's also colt starting - a great opportunity for Stephen to work with your colt and introduce them to ground work as well as undersaddle work.

Contact Graycheck Performance Horses to learn more about partnerships, training, clinics, and more today!

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"A thoughtful teacher, a thorough instructor, a gentle hand, a firm guide, a rational yet fearless showman, the greatest compliment that I think could ever be given to someone who works with horses, is to be thought of as a Horseman."  - article by Becky Hanson, Pacific Coast Journal


8140 NW 125th St, Reddick, Florida 32686

(706) 482-8744

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"No one will follow a timid and inadequate leader. Leadership comes from confidence, and confidence comes from knowledge. You must arm yourself with knowledge to be the leader your horse needs you to be."

"Service above self: Stephen Graycheck is humble and skilled, much like other guys we know well. A true facilitator and a member of the tribe. Competing across the country, representing Waypoint Ranch and wearing the 387th Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron troops patch on his sleeve in his competitions, he is raising awareness of how horsemanship is giving back to our nation's veterans. Proud of the work he does and also excited to see where he goes next!!!"

Stephanie Cirasa

“I have seen his skills in action. Very recommended!”

Diane Oraif

“Stephen is the real deal... humble, patient and hardworking.  He is truly gifted.”

Leslie Turasky

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